Block Out The Sun

by Solum

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Debut Demo by Solum


Smoke, suffocates the sky. Ascending from what lays wasted left behind
Light, our given Savour. The planet starves clenching its hunger
Sight, The vision weaken. Horizon darkens ash falling thicker
Life, the utmost precious. The only thing left to survive

Block out the sun
What will become
Block out the sun
Death has begun

Floods, come crashing down, the acid rain pollutes the water
Scared, the people flee. Chaos to reign as the poor and weak subside
No thought for a prevention, the reprocussions of our negligence
Walls built high and guarded as the ocean crushes the city


This world we've taken for granted, breaking free from our chains
Planet screams in a violent discord, nothing left between the sun and the moon

Destruction spreads as the lava flows, final struggle of the human race
Pressure builds and the planet explodes, desecration of a sacred star
Shock spreads through as i awake, lucid dreams of mans mistakes
Time to heal the planets wounds or nothing else will remain


released July 2, 2016
Drum programming by Ray



all rights reserved


Solum Perth, Australia

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